Energy-saving indoor farm system What is PUTFARM?

Agriculture from "soil building" to "climate building"

Agriculture is called "soil building" and the craftsmen of each land plow and put fertilizers based on their experience and intuition. However, until the harvest, weeding work, pest control, natural disasters, and unseasonable weather such as abnormal weather caused the production quantity and quality to be unstable. For this reason, a completely artificial, fully pesticide-free, stable supply, and almost completely "relief, safe, stable" fully artificial light type plant factory is receiving attention. However, there are voices saying that business entry is suspended due to problems with cost and cultivation experience.

So we developed "PUTFARM". A completely new system jointly developed by Plants Laboratory and the University of Tokyo.

Optimizing the spatial environment by creating a climate

It was difficult to adjust the spatial environment with the system used by conventional plant factories.
On the other hand, the air-conditioning system adopted by "PUTFARM" can control temperature and humidity independently, and can heat and humidify as well as cool and dehumidify, so you can freely control the environment. You can make the room look like a plateau or a southern country. It is exactly the feeling of creating a climate. You can make Okinawan vegetables in Hokkaido and Kyoto vegetables in Africa. You can decide what to make first and then create a climate that suits it.

In addition, because it can produce rare plants and crops outside the season, it differentiates from open-field vegetables and can be sold at a high price range. In addition, workers can work in a comfortable environment.

Control construction costs

Traditional plant factories have had the problem of high construction costs. "PUTFARM" can control the environment more than the conventional plant factory, but by efficiently combining inexpensive materials such as agricultural vinyl and original products developed in-house, the installation cost can be up to 3 minutes. It can be suppressed to 1.

In addition, traditional plant factories require vast amounts of land to build and take months to complete.

"PUTFARM" will be completed in about one month, so you can start operating it immediately and proceed to monetization in the shortest time.

Providing cultivation know-how

Traditional agriculture relies on experience and intuition to produce. In "PUTFARM", by introducing cultivation know-how based on data rather than empirical rules, stable production and planned production can be realized, and monetization is possible. No experience in agriculture is required, so recruiting staff is smooth.

Providing an originally developed system

In conventional agriculture, it was difficult to record and store cultivation know-how and data.
With the introduction of IoT devices, "PUTFARM" can check the indoor environment such as temperature and humidity controlled by an air conditioning system on a PC or smartphone anytime, anywhere.
In addition, by utilizing the system we developed independently, we can shift from the conventional paper-based data management to IT-based management that excels in data storage and analysis.